Lin Huiyin, another talented woman, is a happy woman in her life. Xu Zhimo, a great poet, used his love and the most beautiful lines to poeticize and even mythologize her, giving her emotional love and never forgetting her love. Liang Sicheng, the son of Liang Qichao and the architect, is a good match for her. Before marriage, they both devoted themselves to the western style love life, and the good fortune of Qin and Jin made by following the life. After marriage, Liang cared for Lin twice. The couple devoted themselves to the architecture they loved, which was called Jinshe Heming. He gave her the truth. Jin Yuelin, a philosopher and logician, admired and cared for Lin Huiyin's talent of human nature. He always controlled himself with the highest sense. He never married and loved her all his life. She gave her the most sincere love. It can be seen that there is true love in this world, and there are people waiting for love for a lifetime, just to see who is who is unfortunate. It is not hard to see that there are many people who like and praise Eileen Chang's works, but not many who like and praise her emotionally. Lin Huiyin is different. People not only like and praise her works, but also like her emotionally and praise her personality. People's evaluation of Lin Huiyin is as follows: Among the famous talented women in the period of the Republic of China, Lin Huiyin's talent is more comprehensive and lucky than Xiao Hong and Zhang Ailing. She almost marks the color of an era, outstanding talent, beautiful city, emotional life also like a spring fairy tale, happy and romantic.